Secure And Safe: Important Safety Measures To Address With Your Fence Builder

11 July 2023
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The process of installing a new fence around your property might seem straightforward, but there are several important safety factors to consider. Conversations with your fence builder need to go beyond aesthetic choices and include substantial safety measures to ensure that the construction process and the final result are both secure and durable.

Here are some important safety concerns to address with your fence builder. 

Local Building Codes and Their Significance

Building codes are rules and standards established by local authorities to ensure that construction projects are safe and harmonious with the surroundings. These codes can include directives on the height of the fence, its proximity to property lines, the materials that can be used, and the need to avoid local utility lines.

Homeowners should engage their fence builders in discussions about these codes to ensure they're adhered to, thereby avoiding potential fines or requests to modify or remove the fence after it's been installed. Additionally, the fence builder should acquire all necessary permits before the commencement of work. Understanding and following these codes can prevent both legal complications and potential safety hazards.

Choosing Safe and Durable Materials

The choice of materials for the fence significantly impacts its longevity, safety, and required maintenance level. Engaging the fence builder in a discussion about material choice can help homeowners understand the safety implications of their options. For example, while wood might provide a traditional look, it can also be prone to rot and termite damage. Metal fences, on the other hand, are sturdy but could rust if not properly treated.

Furthermore, ask the builder about the safety measures employed during installation to protect both the workers and the property from potential accidents. This includes practices such as wearing appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), safely using power tools, and securely anchoring the fence posts to withstand extreme weather conditions.

Enhancing Security with Your Fence

A key function of a fence is to enhance the security of your property. It should act as a deterrent to potential intruders while ensuring the safety of occupants. Talk to your fence builder about adding security features such as a locking gate, a higher fence, or even integrated security systems with sensors or cameras.

Make sure the design doesn't inadvertently create hidden areas that could be exploited by intruders. Also, while designing for security, it's essential not to compromise on safety; for instance, the fence should not pose a risk to children or pets.

Addressing safety measures during the planning and installation phases of a fence can save homeowners from potential pitfalls later on. Engaging your fence builder in in-depth discussions about local building codes, the choice of safe and durable materials, and enhancing security can ensure that your new fence is not only visually appealing but also a safe and secure addition to your property.

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