5 Tips For Matching An Aluminum Fence Extension

3 May 2023
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Extending your aluminum fence isn't difficult, but special care must be given to matching the extension installation to the old fence. There are a few ways this can be done, and you may need to implement a combination of these methods in order to get a perfect match.

1. Check for Make and Model

Finding out the maker and style of your fence is the easiest way to match up newly installed sections to older sections. The information is sometimes hidden on a part of the fence. Common places to look for stickers, stamps, or etchings that contain the info are under fence post caps and on the underside of the horizontal rails. You can also contact the original installer, if known, to see if they still have the information in their records. 

2. Note the Rail Shape

The shape of the horizontal rails that hold the pickets in place varies between manufacturers, so sometimes your fence installer can narrow down the maker simply by noting the shape of the rails. At the very least, your installer can find a close match even if the original style of rail is no longer easily available. Horizontal rails may be square or rectangular, or they may have a beveled edge in a variety of decorative styles. 

3. Match the Picket Style

Picket style can be a bit easier to match, as there is some overlap in designs between different aluminum fencing manufacturers. Obvious characteristics like the finial design of each picket and whether it is straight or twisted are easy to note. It's the less obvious characteristics, like the exact dimensions of each picket, that must be carefully measured so that the right match can be found. 

4. Measure the Spacing

Every fence manufacturer uses different common rail-to-rail spacing. Sometimes you can hone in right on who made your original fence, thus making it easier to find matching components for the extension installation, simply by measuring the rail-to-rail spacing. This is done by measuring from the top edge of the top rail to the top edge of the bottom rail. It's also a good idea to measure the horizontal length of the rails from post to post to make sure the extension rails match up with the existing rails.

5. Verify Your Color Options

Standard colors like black and white are typically easy to match, even if your extension is from a different manufacturer than the original. Other colors, especially custom colors, may be harder to match unless your extension is from the same manufacturer. In this case, you may also be able to use the color to help determine who made the original fence so you can get a perfect match.

Contact an aluminum fence installation service for more assistance.