Cedar Fencing Is Great For Many Reasons

9 January 2023
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If you like the idea of a natural wood fence, then know that while there are many to choose from, there are things about cedar fences that make them so popular. You can learn more below about cedar fences and some features they have that make them so great.

Cedar fences offer many different looks

Since cedar fencing comes in many colors, you will have plenty of choices when you choose this fencing. Once you decide on the color, you will know you are still going to get the benefits cedar fencing offers. Some of the colors you can get in cedar wood fencing include different shades of tans, reds, and grays. Cedar fencing will also change as it ages and become more of a silver shade. Many people like the look of aged cedar. However, there are things you can do to preserve its color if you are someone who prefers the fresher color. You can apply a waterproof sealer and ensure it's reapplied every few years. 

Cedar fencing has a natural protective oil

Something about cedar that helps make it such a great wood for fencing is that it has a natural oil that helps to protect it from many types of damage. One of the things the oil protects the wood from is UV damage. UV damage can cause a fence to fade, become brittle, warp, and break. The oil also protects it from water damage. Water damage can also include warping, as well as rotting and falling apart. The oil will even prevent the fencing from ending up with mold growing on it and destroying it. Another thing the oil protects the wood from is pest infestations. Termites and carpenter ants are examples of pests that can be very destructive to wood fences. 

Cedar fencing is very strong

Having the oil that protects the cedar helps to make it strong, but it is strong on its own as well. When a cedar fence is installed, it will offer you a fence you can count on for many years. You can end up dealing with fewer repairs when you do choose cedar due to its durability. Also, when the fence does end up with some damage, the fence can be fixed to be as good as new. 


Now that you have learned some of the great things about cedar fencing, you may understand why it would be a great option to have built on your property.

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