Hiring Experienced Fencing Contractors To Build Custom Dog Crates

13 January 2021
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Your city or county may require homeowners to secure their dogs and prevent them from posing a risk to public safety. Instead of keeping your large breed dogs in the house, you may instead prefer to keep them kenneled outside in your back or side yard.

However, when you lack a fence around your property, you may not want to pay the money to build one. Instead, you can hire professional fencing contractors to build custom dog crates for your dogs.

Custom Sized Crates

When you hire fencing contractors to build your custom dog crates, you can get them built in the size that is needed to accommodate your dogs. Your dogs may be too large to fit in crates that you can buy at your local big-box store. They need more room to move around and be safe and comfortable.

The contractors can determine how large of crates to build for your dogs based on how large your dogs are. They can inspect your dogs up close to determine the right length, width, and height. They can make sure that your dogs have enough room to lie down, stand up, eat, and even run a bit without getting stuck or being cramped.

Customized Durability

The fencing contractors that you use to build your custom dog crates can also customize from what material to build them. Your dogs may be strong enough to bend or break thin wire and flimsy aluminum. They can easily break down a crate and get out to run the neighborhood. 

Instead of using flimsy materials, you can have your crate built from stronger steel or thicker aluminum. Your dogs will not be able to break down the metal, tear out the sides, and get out of their crates.

Secured Gates

Finally, the fencing contractors can build gates that your dogs will not be able to breach. Some breeds of dogs are smart enough to figure out how to lift a gate latch. They learn how to lift their crates' gates to escape. 

The contractors that you hire can build a secure gate that will remain closed. Your dogs will not be able to lift the latches or unlock the gate to get out.

Custom fencing contractors can build custom dog crates for your large breed dogs. They can determine what size to make them and also use sturdy materials and add secure gates.