Consider What Your Business Needs Most When Choosing A Commercial Fence

23 September 2020
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If you're considering putting in a commercial fence at your business property, you may be surprised at the number of options available to you. So, how do you know what type will be best for your business? That depends on your business's needs. The most important need will determine what type of commercial fence you should install. 


If your business needs a lot of privacy, either for the clients or simply to keep people from seeing what you have, then you will obviously need a fence that people cannot see through or over very easily. Privacy fences are usually constructed to be about 6 to 8 feet tall, so most people will not see over it. You will want to choose an opaque material, such as wood or vinyl. Wood fencing looks classic, but just be aware that it will be more prone to rotting or splintering and may need to be repainted after a couple of years. Vinyl fencing is a more low-maintenance option but can be more pricey upfront. A chain-linked fence is normally not an option for privacy, but you can have slats put in the open holes, closing it off to the gazes of passersby. 

Maximum Security

All fences will provide some measure of security because they will naturally deter most people and animals. If you need a fence to secure an outdoor swimming pool at the apartment complex you manage, a simple iron fence will do the job and still allow pool users to see in and out. However, if you are dealing with extremely dangerous or secret products and truly cannot let anyone break-in, you will want to invest in a maximum security fence. You will want barbed wire at the top. The fence can be constructed of sleek metal sheets or precast concrete, which will make the surface too smooth to easily climb. These fences won't be pretty, but they will keep your business extra secure.


Maybe you don't need as much privacy or security as other businesses. Maybe you want a fence for the aesthetics it provides. If you own a small diner and have outdoor seating, you may want a cute, white picket fence surrounding the area. If you own a high-end business, perhaps a fancy, ornamental iron fence will give you more curb appeal. Or, if your business's traditional look is getting a bit stale for your taste, a fence in a more modern style with an eye-catching pattern might help get you that vibe you're missing. Whatever aesthetic you're going for, you can find a fencing style that will help you achieve it. 

For information about which commercial fence will best fit your business's needs, contact a fencing installation company such as Metro Fence.