Here's What You Should Know About Cedar Wood Fencing

14 September 2020
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There are lots of great fencing options available on the market, one of which is cedar. A cedar wood fence has a lot going for it, but you should know a few things about it before deciding whether to have one installed on your property. Here's what you need to know about cedar wood fencing:

It Offers Privacy

Installing a cedar fence will provide your property with some extra privacy. A shorter fence offers privacy from passersby when kids and pets are playing in the yard. Shorter fencing can also help shade your garden.

A taller fence will allow you to use the entire space that is fenced any way you want to without anyone being able to see inside. You can sunbathe in privacy, barbecue with friends without distracting the neighbors, and build a tool shed that you might not want the whole neighborhood to know about for security reasons.

It Can Be Painted

You can leave your cedar fence bare for a natural and rustic look, but it will start to fade and turn grey over time due to wear and tear from the outdoor elements. You can let it do its thing, or you can paint it to protect it from the outdoor elements and to give it new life. A fresh coat of paint can also bring your old cedar fence back to life if the weather has damaged it.

You can paint the fence as many times as you want, making it easy to change its color and therefore the look of your property overall any time that you please. If you want to maintain the natural look of the cedar wood, you can always just treat it with a clear sealant instead of using paint.

It Does Require Some Maintenance

Like any other type of fencing, a cedar fence requires some maintenance over the years to keep it from breaking down. You might have to sand it when it starts to get rough. And you may have to treat it with a mold killer when you see green stuff start to grow on it. But otherwise, you shouldn't have to do much more to keep your fence in good shape throughout the coming decades. To be sure that nothing important is overlooked, ask your fencing provider for a list of maintenance tasks you can do between professional inspections to ensure optimal performance and aesthetic appeal.