Why Should I Install A Custom Fence?

11 September 2020
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These days, we're used to having custom everything in our home. Custom homes, custom garages, custom bathrooms - we want to customize everything in our lives, if for no other reason than that it provides us true a feeling of ownership.

You may not know it, but one of the of the other things that you can customize in your home is your fencing. Instead of the traditional wood planks that are installed with just about every type of home in the neighborhood, custom wood fencing allows you an opportunity to create something truly unique and that will set you apart in your neighborhood.

Here are just a few of the reasons you should consider installing custom wood fencing in your home.

Move With the Land

Regular wood planks that you can buy at any hardware store are pretty unforgiving. You buy them and set them up right next to each other, with each area providing a "stair-step" pattern as it sits. Custom wood fences not only allow you to create virtually any kind of design that you want, but they also move with the land, instead of against it. Instead of having to clear out trees and level out certain parts of the land to make a strong base for your fencing, you can incorporate the custom wood fencing inside the landscape, which creates a beautiful backdrop to your home.

Match Your Home Decor

Why spend all that money on an exterior paint and design specifications only to have it ruined with a boring fence that doesn't match? To truly create an appealing exterior aesthetic, you want your whole property to flow together - roof, garage, color, and fence. No matter if your house style is traditional or more contemporary, there are custom wood fences that can match the look you're wanting to achieve.

Ultimate Flexibility

Want your fence to form an L-shape in your yard to take advantage of natural landscape? Done. Want a short fence in one area to match a taller section in between you and your neighbor's house? No problem. With custom wood fencing, you get to decide what your fence looks like and how it's installed on your land, rather than having to buy and install whatever your local big box store happens to have in stock that day. Plus, you'll also have the option of installing a custom gate that will compliment your fence and provide multiple, beautiful access points.