Locations That Are Suitable For A Rope Fence

18 August 2020
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When you think about residential fencing, you might picture a fence around the border of a property. This location is certainly common, but it's not the only option that is available to homeowners. In many cases, you may wish to think about a short length of fence elsewhere in your property. If this idea appeals to you, it's beneficial to consider what design you'll use. While wood and wrought iron can work well around a property's perimeter, many other designs can work well in other locations. One such option is a rope fence — a fence that consists of wooden posts with strands of rope running between them — and is a style that a fencing contractor can build for you. Here are some locations that are suitable for a rope fence.

Along A Walkway

A rope fence can be a good idea to place along the edge of a walkway. If you have any type of walkway in your yard — perhaps one that is made of flat stones set into the ground — talk to your local fencing company about installing a rope fence along the walkway's edge. The addition of the fence in this location can create a gentle barrier between the walkway and the yard beside it.

On A Bridge

If you have water of any type on your property, it's possible that you have a small bridge across it. For example, this could be a creek that runs across a larger property or a pond and small homemade stream that is situated on a smaller property. A small bridge over the water can be picturesque, and the addition of a rope fence to the structure can further help it to look good. The rope fence also serves a safety purpose in this position, as it will prevent someone from slipping off the bridge while crossing it.

Beside A Driveway

It's unconventional to have a traditional fence along the edge of your driveway unless it's immediately adjacent to your property line, but another type of fence can work well in this location. Consider a rope fence along your driveway's edge. It will add style to this part of your yard, and because it's not solid, it won't make the driveway feel narrower than it is. Functionally, the rope fence in this position may encourage people to walk toward your front walkway after parking their vehicles, rather than perhaps cut across the grass. Talk to your fencing contractor to learn other locations that are suitable for rope fencing. To learn more information about fencing, reach out to a company such as Gatlin Fence Company.