Three Places To Use A Horizontal Slat Fence

3 August 2020
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When you think about a wooden fence, there's a good chance that you picture a fence in which the individual planks of wood sit vertically. While there's little question that this design is popular, it's not the only option to consider if you're thinking about installing a wooden fence on your property. An alternative is a horizontal slat fence. As its name suggests, this is a fence in which the planks of wood are horizontal. Beyond the conventional approach of using this fence around the perimeter of your property, there are many different places that you can use a horizontal slat fence. Here are some locations to consider.

Around Your Hot Tub

Hot tub owners use a variety of methods to create privacy around their hot tubs. If you've recently bought a hot tub and you want to prevent your neighbors from seeing you using it, a fence is a good choice. A horizontal slat fence not only creates a modern look that may appeal to you, but the design of this fence also offers a high degree of privacy. One nice thing about using this fence around a hot tub is that you can use cedarwood, which releases a pleasant scent in humid environments.

At The End Of A Garden

Some avid gardeners like the idea of installing a small section of fence at one end of their gardens. There are several reasons that you might wish to do this. One benefit of a fence in this location is that it can block the wind. If you get heavy winds in your side yard that may threaten the plants in one of your gardens, a strategically placed fence can keep the plants safe. The solid nature of a horizontal slat fence can work well in this application because wind will not blow through it. Additionally, it can provide a structure that climbing plants can climb up.

Around An A/C Unit

People often like to hide their exterior air conditioning units, given that these devices can be a bit of an eyesore. It's important to be selective about how you hide the unit because you still need to keep it accessible for occasional maintenance and repairs. A horizontal slat fence that is just slightly taller than the unit can effectively eliminate it from sight while tying in with other wooden elements throughout your yard.

Talk to a local fencing professional about the various designs that are possible with horizontal slat fences.