Five Maintenance Tips For Your Commercial Fence

2 July 2020
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The fence that runs along the property line of your business is there to help keep your staff, clients, and product safe and secure. Unfortunately, a fence in ill repair won't achieve this goal. This is why it is important to have an annual maintenance plan in place for your company's campus border fence.

1. Perform an Annual Inspection

You need to walk the entire fence line at least once a year, although more often is better. Late spring is a good time for this inspection. Over winter, frost heave can loosen fence posts, so a spring walk will reveal these issues so you can repair them quickly. Also look for signs of rust, damaged fence sections, and fastener failures that will need to be addressed.

2. Replace Hardware as It Fails

A chain link commercial fence will last for decades, but the various screws, bolts, and fasteners may have a much shorter lifespan. Although these pieces are typically galvanized, they can still rust, corrode, or work their way loose. Replace any hardware pieces as they fail so that you can ensure the rest of the fence lasts a lifetime.

3. Keep the Fence Line Clear

Trash and debris tend to collect along the fence line, pushed there by the wind. This looks bad and it traps moisture against the fence, which can speed aging. You also need to make sure there are no larger items left along the fence line, such as crates or garbage cans, that could be used as a step stool by an intruder trying to climb the fence. Clearing the fence line simply makes sense for both aesthetics and security.

4. Maintain Landscaping Near the Fence

Landscaping can be hard on a fence. Weeds, shrubs, and grasses that grow into a fence look bad and can warp and bend chain link wires over time. Trees are especially damaging if they grow through a fence, but even an overhanging tree branch can break and damage the fence line. Keep landscaping properly pruned and maintained near any fencing.

5. Repair Any Damages Promptly

Although chain link is durable, damages can occur. The most common is force damage, such as from a vehicle hitting the fence or something falling on a length of fencing. This type of damage may require replacement of the damaged section. If you find any type of damage, even just a small area of rust, plan to have it fixed before it worsens.

Contact a commercial fence company for more help with your fencing as it is important that it is maintained.