Five Good Reasons To Choose Pressured-Treated Wood For Your Deck

26 March 2020
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If you are contemplating adding a new deck to your home this season, you might be overwhelmed by the many choices of materials on the market. There's everything from concrete to tropical hardwoods. However, one of the best--and most popular--options are pressured-treated wood. This option is not only affordable but is durable and comes in a variety of finishes. It's easy to see why nearly 75 percent of all homeowners choose pressure-treated wood for their decking material.

Benefits of choosing pressure-treated wood for your deck

Pressure-treated wood is lumber that's been chemically treated to resist rot, mold, insects, and moisture. Just a few of the benefits of using this type of material include:

1. Cost. Pressure-treated wood is one of the most affordable options on the market. It ranges from around $1.50 to $2.00 per square foot. This is much less than aluminum, redwood, steel or concrete for decks.

2. Durability. This type of decking material can last for 40 years or longer and is much more durable than untreated lumber. Pressure-treated wood is resistant to moisture, rot, fungi, and mold and can withstand severe weather like hail storms. Many manufacturers offer substantial warranties on pressure-treated wood.

3. Versatility. Pressure-treated wood adapts to most any architectural and design style. It can be finished in a number of hues and comes in a variety of sizes. This type of decking can be used to create almost any deck design.

4. Easy installation. This type of decking is much easier to install than concrete or steel. A good deck installation crew can generally have your deck assembled and ready to use in just a matter of days. Pressure-treated wood is much lighter and easier to maneuver than steel, doesn't have to cure like concrete and doesn't have to be welded together. Repairs are also easy when you use pressure-treated wood for your deck. You just cut a new piece of wood to replace any damaged wood. You don't have to use a torch or weld a new piece to the existing deck.

5. Resistance to pests. Pressure-treated wood is sprayed with a compound that makes it resistant to pest infestations, such as from ants and termites. This same treatment also helps to make the wood more resistant to fires, always a consideration when building with wood.

While pressure-treated wood isn't the right choice for everyone adding a new deck, this option is affordable, adapts to almost any style and taste, and resists most weather and pests.