Have A Large Backyard? 3 Ways To Use Fencing To Your Advantage

27 January 2020
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Owning a property with a large backyard gives you the option to add all sorts of features and enjoy various activities throughout the space. When you want to start seeing your backyard get used more often by your family, you should think about hiring professionals to add fencing.

Getting creative with how you utilize fencing will allow you to add several features to the backyard that should make a noticeable difference in getting your family to go outside.


If you want to make a garden in your backyard, you can get started right away. But, you may know that there is a bit of risk involved when you do it without any protection because wild animals might invade the area and start munching on your plants once they start to grow.

To prevent this from happening, you should utilize fencing to create a dedicated garden. When planning this addition, you must include a gate so that you can get in and out easily. If you are most worried about a certain animal, you should let a fencing company know. This will allow them to come up with a fence design that is effective at keeping them out of your garden.

Dog Run

As a dog owner, you may find that you are only comfortable with taking your dog into the backyard when you have them on a leash. However, you may love the idea of being able to let them off-leash so that they can run around without you needing to follow their every move.

Adding a dog run is something that you can easily do with fencing. With a large backyard, you should also not have a problem with giving your dog a huge space to run around in. When picking the type, you may want to prioritize a chain-link fence so that you can keep an eye on your dog.


Protecting your family and backyard features is worth prioritizing, and you can accomplish this goal with the installation of a fence that surrounds the entire backyard. When you are looking to maximize protection, you should consider minimizing the ability to see into your backyard. A solid fence will play a substantial role, but you will also want to combine it with a tall fence.

When you are willing to use fencing in several ways, you can make a huge impact on how much it improves your backyard and helps you create new features to enjoy. Contact a fencing installation company like York Fence Co to learn more about your options.