4 Tips To Help Prepare Your Property For A New Fence Installation And Avoid Problems

22 January 2020
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If you are planning on enclosing your property with a new fence, there is some planning that needs to be done. There is also preparation work that can help prevent problems, improve your fence, and reduce installation costs. The following tips will help you prepare your property for the installation of a new fence with fewer problems and lower costs.

1. Marking Your Property Line and the Location Where the New Fence Will Be Installed

The first thing that you will need to do before you have a new fence installed is to figure out where your property line is. If there are any easements, then the fence may need to be set back off the property line, so you will also need to mark the fence line to know where it needs to be installed.

2. Clearing Underbrush and Vegetation to Get Ready for the Installation of a New Fence

The underbrush and vegetation where the fence is going to be installed will need to be removed before you start installing fencing. You want to remove any trees and other plants that will be obstacles during the installation or that could damage the fence after it has been installed.

3. Leveling the Elevations of Terrain for the Installation of New Fencing Without Gaps at the Bottom

The terrain where your new fence is going to be installed is probably not perfectly level. There may be hillside slopes and other obstacles that you want to prepare for the installation of a new fence. To deal with slopes, you can use retaining walls or partial masonry and concrete footings to provide a more level terrain, where the fence can step down without having any gaps at the bottom. These are things that you will want to do before it is time to install the new fence.

4. Planning the Design of Gates and Entrances Before You Have Your New Fence Installed

There are also the entrances to your property, which may be front entrances that you want to have a more elegant design or entrances to outdoor living space where you want to have privacy. Before you have the fence installed, you will want to decide what type of gates and materials that you want to use for these needs.

These tips will help you prepare your property for the installation of a new fence with fewer problems, lower costs, and a better design. If you are ready to enclose your property, contact a fence installation contractor and talk to them about what else can be done to prepare for the installation of a new fence.