Live In A Busy Area? 3 Details To Consider Before Adding A Front Yard Fence

20 January 2020
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Once you became a homeowner, you may have started to work on projects inside and around your home. Compared to living in a rental, you may appreciate how much freedom you have with making changes and improvements, which can lead to becoming interested in major additions such as a front yard fence. Since living in a busy area has quite a few differences compared to a slow and quiet area, you should think about a few details before investing in this new feature.


Figuring out what material you want to use may not be the easiest thing to do, especially when you do not have any initial preferences. If you are planning to put the fence so that it almost hugs the sidewalk, you cannot go wrong with a metal fence for the durability it will provide. While you can also go with a wood fence, you should know that it will be a bit easier to cause damage.

A vinyl fence is a worthwhile option if you know that the fence will get dirty rather quickly because it will be in the front yard where a lot of pedestrians walk by. Since vinyl is so easy to clean, you should not have to devote much time to cleaning every part of the front yard fence.


The first thing that you will want to do is check out the laws regarding fence heights in your area because you want to minimize how much time you spend thinking about something that is not an option. Once you find out the height limitations, you can start comparing realistic options.

If a four-foot-tall fence is your limitation, you may want to go with this option knowing that it will provide you with the most protection and privacy that you can get in the front yard. But, you may want to choose a shorter fence when you are not so interested in maximizing your privacy.


When you look at the color choices for a lot of front yard fences, you will find a lot of natural wood as well as white. While you may like how white looks, you should also consider the fact that this color has a high chance of picking up dirt and grime quickly. Going with a dark color will help you maintain a clean fence even when you have plenty of pedestrians walking by.

Thinking about these details will help you add a front yard fence that satisfies your needs. Reach out to a company like Image Fencing Inc to learn more.