3 Troubleshooting Tips for Automated Gates

17 January 2020
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Do you own a property and are looking for a way to prevent trespassers? Adding a fence along the boundary is the quickest and most efficient means of doing this. You should consider adding an automated gate to the fence to make entering easier for approved people but still offer protection against anyone you don't want on the grounds.

Automated gates as highly beneficial but they do have some issues that you may need to troubleshoot. These issues happen from normal wear and tear or damage to the gates. Use this guide to pinpoint certain problems and fix them.


The electric gates are designed to run along tracks as they move out of the way. If there is a problem with the tracks, the gate can't move. Inspect all your tracks for signs of damage, such as dents or cracks depending on the material. If the dent is small enough, you may be able to hammer it back into place.

Obstructions in the tracks can also hinder movement. Lots of times it will be things like dead leaves, sticks, or animal nests. Remove whatever the object is and try the gate again. It should work properly this time.


The sensors on the gate allow it to correspond with the control boxes and the remote. If the sensors are dirty or obstructed, the gate will not function properly. Bugs and grime are a huge factor in dirty sensors. Always keep the areas clean and remove anything obstructing them, like branches.

Remote Controls

Remote controls are one of the methods for operating the electric gate. Damaged or dead remotes won't connect to the gate, meaning you won't be able to enter the premises unless you can manually open it. Check the batteries in the remote to make sure they aren't dead. If that doesn't work, the remote itself may need to be replaced. Sometimes you will have a spare remote that you can use as a backup but if you don't you need to order a new one. The gate may need to be disabled until the replacement is configured.

Automated gates may be pricier than manual gates, but they are a good investment. It is highly convenient to simply use a remote to enter your secured property, especially in times of inclement weather when you don't want to exit the vehicle to open and close the gate. Contact a local gate repair service if you need help beyond troubleshooting tips.