Commercial Fence Warranties: What You Need To Know

16 January 2020
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When you have a commercial fence installed, you might worry about the workmanship of the fence and how it will affect your brand. The good news is that commercial fence installation specialists will usually offer a workmanship warranty that covers several concerns.

Proper Installation Is a Priority

Professionals make sure that a commercial fence is properly installed. With a correctly installed fence, you'll have plumb posts and a gate that functions properly. You'll also have a fence that looks great.

Some Fences Settle

After your commercial fence has been installed, there might be settlement or movement. This is typically covered by a warranty. The disturbed soil around the fence posts can settle. This especially happens in wet areas and during the first winter. For this reason, you might want to consider having the commercial fence installed after winter.

When a commercial fence is installed on your property, the professionals will make sure that the fence is installed at the proper depth and that the soil around the posts is compacted. If the fence does become disrupted later on, the posts can be adjusted and straightened out.

Fences Sometimes Sag or Have Other Issues

In some cases, a gate might be sagging and may need to be adjusted to stop the sagging. In other cases, the gate might not open because there is a defect with the hardware. This will typically be covered by a warranty. 

Don't Repair the Fence

A workmanship warranty comes into effect when a defect is discovered in the fence that affects the ability of the fence to function properly. However, you will need to make sure that you don't attempt to make repairs to the commercial fence. You could void your warranty if you do so.

Find Out How Long the Warranty Lasts

Workmanship warranties are often issued for a lifetime. However, it's still important to ask how long the warranty lasts. The warranty begins when the commercial fence has been completed and put into use.

Not Everything Is Covered

Make sure to know what isn't covered as well. There are some parts of the United States that have very harsh weather. The commercial fence might deteriorate or fade over time. This can lead to changes in the appearance of the fence that do not affect the function of the fence. Wood fences inevitably have issues related to cracking and swelling when exposed to moisture, especially with certain tree species. Therefore, you'll want to know what to expect from both your fence and the warranty.

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